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Health Office News

Health Office News

Medication Procedure:  Please do not send medication to school with your student.  An adult must bring medication to school.  Medication must be in the original bottle and have the appropriate paperwork signed in order for the school health services staff to administer medications at school.  Loose tablets in baggies or pockets, will not be accepted for the safety of your student and other students.

Immunization Requirements:  If your student required additional immunizations, please give that information to the health office or, if you have an appointment scheduled, please notify us of the date.

As colder weather and flu season approaches, here are some guidelines for when to keep your child home from school until your health care provider can be contacted for his/her opinion:

- A fever of 100 degrees or higher, do not have the student return to school until the student has been fever free for 24 hours.

- A “heavy cold or hacking cough” even without a fever (cough that disturbs normal activity)

- Diagnosis from physician of Whooping Cough/Pertusis –  student should stay home from school until he/she has received 5 full days of antibiotic treatment

- Vomiting – student should stay home until he/she can keep food down and is free of symptoms for 24 hours.

- Diarrhea – student should remain home until free of symptoms for 24 hours.

- Pink Eye (conjunctivitis) - student can return to school once they have taken antibiotic eye medication for 24 hours 

- Strep Throat – student can return to school after they have been on antibiotics for at least 24 hours and are fever free.

- Chicken Pox – exclusion from school for one week after the first eruption appears or all lesions are dry and crusted

- Unexplained rash, blisters or draining sores – student should see his/her health care provider for a diagnosis

Keeping communication open between parents and the health office staff will allows us to provide safe and efficient care for your student.  Please contact the health office at any time with concerns, questions, or updated information.