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Students Create Chicken Towns!

Baby Chicken

What do you get when you mix construction, Animal Science and cuteness? Chicken Town!


For the past several months Penn High School Animal Science teacher Leigha Sparrow has been working with first and third grade students to hatch chicken eggs.


Moran teacher Jodi Cramer-Berry (first grade) and Kaley Carlson (third grade) combined to bring eggs into the classroom and showed the students how to look after the eggs. Once they hatched, the students learned how to keep the chicks warm and fed. 


Here’s a short video of the chickens hatching:



It’s been a tremendous learning experience for the students and teachers alike.


Now that the chicks are getting bigger they will soon be headed to a farm to be adequately cared for.


Before they go though, we wanted to let them have one last memorable experience so we created a Chicken Town so they could run and play! 


Goodbye baby chickens, we’ll miss you!


Take a look at some pictures below: