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Virtual reality becoming reality in P-H-M classrooms

5th grade Moran student using the Google Daydream Headsets
5th grade Moran student using the Google Daydream Headsets

Penn-Harris-Madison is at the forefront of integrating technology into the classroom. We’re a 1:1 Technology district with every student in the district—grades pre-K through 12—having a tablet, iPad or Chromebook. Middle and High School students have a personal Chromebook that they take home.


Not only do we have a team of IT Technicians that support the schools and administrative offices, but we also have a dedicated staff member who supports the successful integration of instructional technology in all P-H-M elementary schools with a focus on our five Title I schools. Jessie Kinney works to improve the utilization of technology that will increase both student learning and engagement. 


P-H-M is now venturing into the world of virtual reality to enhance student learning and expand students’ learning environments. The district is piloting the use of Google Daydream virtual reality headsets in four of our schools: Bittersweet, Elm Road and Moran Elementary Schools, along with Grissom Middle School. Teachers can utilize the VR headsets and Google’s Expeditions app to take students on virtual field trips or have them do 3D examinations of the heart or lungs.​


Recently a 5th grade students in Ms. Louise Black’s class got to go the Jamestown, Virginia colony without leaving their classroom. Take a look for yourself …