Move It To Lose It

Posted on February 23, 2018

Announcing Moran's Second Annual

Move It to Lose It Challenge

Let’s make fitness a daily occurrence.  Keep reading for the “skinny” on the details.

What:             Move It to Lose It Challenge

Who:               Anyone that is part of the Moran community-students, parents, neighbors, friends, etc.

When:             Four weeks in the month of March 2018

Where:           Anywhere you can do 15 minutes of continuous, sustained movement

Why:               To get ourselves moving and start a healthy habit

Cost:               $1.00 for Moran student single registrations

                        $2.00 for all other single registrations

                        $5.00 for a family registration

Benefits:         Besides starting a healthy habit, all participants that successfully complete the challenge will be                entered in a raffle in which 2 winners will receive a $25 gift certificate to Garden Patch Market.

  • The Challenge starts on Thursday, March 1 and ends on Wednesday, March 28.
  • The goal for the first week is 30 minutes of daily exercise; thereafter, 40 minutes/day for week 2, 50 minutes/day for week 3 and 60 minutes/day for week 4.
  • All minutes must be done in at least 15 minute increments of sustained exercise.  This means you MUST STAY MOVING FOR AT LEAST 15 MINUTES AT A TIME TO HAVE IT COUNT.  You can switch from one activity to the next within that time, but it must be sustained exercise. 
  • ANY exercise counts:  walking, push ups, jump roping, biking, trampoline bouncing, weight lifting, etc.
  • Record your daily successes with a star on the appropriate day.
  • You’re allowed a total of 3 skip days during the challenge to be used whenever you choose (if needed).
  • Completed calendars are due to Miss Julie by Thursday, March 29.  Please make sure your name is on it.


Want to Half It to Max It?

Try these simple tips to maximize your health benefits:        

1.         cut sugar intake by at least ½ and cut out ½ the amount of sugar called for in recipes

2.         cut white flour intake by at least ½ and replace half the white flour called for in recipes with white             whole wheat

3.         cut salt intake by at least ½ and cut out completely in recipes

4.         Make sure every meal is ½ fresh fruits and veggies

Please stop by our Moran office to pick up a registration form.  We will also be happy to send a registration form home with your student.  Please call us at 674-8504.

Last Modified May 24, 2019