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Principal Anglin's December Newsletter

Principal Anglin's December Newsletter

Dear Parents/Guardians:


Winter break, December 21 – January 5, will soon be here. It is hard for me to imagine that the end of our first semester is coming soon. Teachers and students have been working hard. Thankfully we have had few illnesses so far. We at Moran want to extend to you our best wishes as the holiday season approaches. Listed below is information we hope you find helpful.


Parent-Teacher Conferences: We appreciate all our parents/guardians who were able to participate in parent-teacher conferences this year. We had an excellent 95% participation rate. Thanks again for taking time from your busy schedules to conference with your child’s teacher. Good communication between home and school greatly increases the success rate of students. We thank you for helping your child get off to a good start.


Social-emotional learning lessons for the month of December will focus on regulation and social awareness, specifically, perspective taking.   Regulation refers to the ability to recognize and manage one’s emotions. Regulation skills help students implement self-control, positive self-discipline, and impulse control. Learning about regulation helps students manage stressors or things beyond their control and implement coping strategies to keep their thoughts, feelings and actions in check. Social awareness refers to the ability to take the perspectives of others, and empathize with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures.  


Wellness Guidelines: Please remember the PHM wellness guidelines do not allow fast food or other commercial foods in the school cafeteria. If you arrive with these items we will have to ask you to eat at another location inside our school. We appreciate your cooperation and support of a healthy diet for our students.


Attendance: Students demonstrate higher achievement gains when they have good attendance. Being on time is just as important. At Moran Focused Instruction starts at 8:45 a.m. This is your child’s opportunity to receive small group tutoring on the state standards they will be tested on during ILEARN testing. Under the new ILEARN grading system attendance will count towards the school’s letter grade.  Help your children by making sure they have good attendance and arrive on time.


Car Riders AM: If you are providing transportation for your children please use the south entrance, Door C, of the school. The front entrance, Door A, is for bus students. We do not promote or encourage walking between buses at any time.


Early Pick Up: Please provide the office with a note if your children are being picked up prior to the normal dismissal time. This helps reduce confusion and allows dismissal to run more smoothly. Unannounced pick-ups only make dismissal more stressful for everyone. Please help your child and us by sending a note if you are picking your child up at the end of the day prior to the regular dismissal time. We appreciate your cooperation and support.  


January 6, 2020: School Resumes


With the winter break and a New Year approaching I wish you and your family a very happy holiday season. Don’t forget to come visit us. We’d love to have you visit or volunteer. Moran Elementary School is dedicated to serving its students and families. Please do not hesitate to call or stop by if we can be of service.



Frank Anglin, Ed.S.